HK Shares
Item Charge
Commission 0.20%(Minimum  $100.00)
SFC Transaction Levy / HKEX Trading Fee 0.0027% on gross amount / 0.00565% on gross amount
Stamp Duty 0.10% on gross amount (rounded up to the nearest dollar)
CCASS Settlement Fee 0.002% on gross amount (Min: HKD 2 / Max: HKD 100)
Financial Reporting Council Transaction Levy 0.00015% on gross amount (Min: HKD 0.01)
China Connect – Shenzhen & Shanghai A Shares
Item Charge
Commission 0.20% on gross amount(Min: RMB 100.00)
Handling Fee 0.00341% of the consideration of each transaction per side (Effective Date:28 Aug 2023)
Securities Management Fee 0.002% of the consideration of each transaction per side
Transfer Fee 0.001% (ChinaClear)
Transfer Fee (N/A) 0.002% (HKSCC)
Stamp Duty 0.05% of the consideration of each transaction on the seller (Effective Date: 28 Aug 2023)
Physical Scrip
Item Charge
Physical Stock Deposit(HK Government Collect) HKD5 stamp duty per transfer deed
Physical Stock Withdrawal HKD5 per board lot
Custody Fee Free
Settlement Instruction Fee
Stock Deposit(S.I.) Free
Stock Withdrawal(S.I.)(S.I.) HKD5 per board lot / (Min: HKD50.00 per stock withdrawal)
Investor Settlement Instruction Fee
Stock Deposit Fee (via CCASS) Free
Compulsory Share Buyback Fee HKD100 handling fee, plus CCASS charges
Nominee & Corporate Actions
Item Charge
Registration and Transfer fee
Scrip Fee HKD2.5 per board lot
Cash/Scrip Dividend Collection Fee(HK Shares)td> 0.5% of cash dividend collected (Min: HKD20)
Bonus Share、Rights Shares Collection Fee Free
Exercise Rights Subscriptions / Warrant / CBBC HKD2 per board lot & handling fee HKD100
Extra Rights Application Handling fee HKD100 (HKD2 per board lot for successful application)
Takeover offer / Privatization of shares / Auto-Exercise of Covered Warrant HKD2 per board lot & handling fee HKD100(Max: HKD15,000)
Fee for Change of Registration at Share Registrar HKD5 per board lot (Min: HKD200)
Reverse Consolidation / Subdivision Free
Borrowing and other services
Item Charge
Margin account financing interest rate Prime Rate +5.00% (Negotiable))
Cash account financing interest rate Prime Rate +8.00%
Initial Public Offering - Non-financing HKD50 (Per Stock)
Initial Public Offering - Financing HKD100 (Per Stock)
Dividend Claim HKD1000 (Per Stock)
Physical stock withdrawal on behalf of the client HKD150 (Per Stock)
Bank Services Fee
Telegraphic Transfer Local HKD100 / Overseas HKD150 + (Actual bank charge)
Stop Payment Charge HKD250 per case
Returned Check Charge HKD250 per case
Account Service
Item Charge
Issue of account proof HKD200.00 per time
Reissue of Monthly Statement Latest 3 months (Free) / More than three months to seven years (By email:HKD30.00 per month;By post:HKD50.00 per month)

Overseas Share Market

Securities Trading Services (US Shares) (US Dollar)
Item Charge
Commission 0.3% per transaction (USD) (Min: USD30)
US SEC fee
(Sell side only)
0.0008% of trade value (Before 20th May 2024)
0.00278% of trade value (Effective from 20th May 2024)

* Min: USD0.01

Trading Activities Fee (TAF) USD0.000166 per share (Sell side only)
* Min: USD0.01, Max: USD8.30
Stamp duty, Trading Fee & Transaction Levy N/A
Nominee Services and Corporate Actions (U.S. Securities) (USD)
Items Charges
Cash/Scrip Dividend Collection Fee 0.50% of cash dividend collected (Min: USD20.00)
Custody Fee Waived
Stock Deposit Fee Waived
Stock Withdrawal Fee USD100.00 per stock
ADR Fee USD0.01-0.05 per share
ADR Conversions Fee (Including Handling Fee, Cable-wire Fee, Administration Fee and Conversions Fee)
Handling Fee USD100.00 per stock
Cable-wire Fee USD20.00 per stock
Administration Fee USD100.00 per stock
Conversions Fee USD0.05 per share
Voluntary Corporate Action USD100.00 per application
Securities Trading Services (UK Shares) (GBP、US Dollar)
Item Charge
Commission 0.5% per transaction (Min: USD110)
Stamp duty 0.5% of trade value (Only applied on Buy Side)
Other Transaction Levy (if applicable) PTM Levy:Fix GBP1.00 (Only applied on part of stocks and value excess GBP10,000)
Securities Clearing And Settlement System Fee (if applicable)
Securities Trading Services (Australia Shares) (AUD、US Dollar)
Item Charge
Commission 0.5% per transaction (Min: USD35)
Custody Fee 0.05% p.a
Australia stock portfolio value x 0.05% / 12 (Minimum Fees AUD 1.0 ; payable end of each month )
*Australia Stock Custody Fee will be effective on 1st May 2020
Securities Trading Services (South Korea) (KRW)
Item Charge
Commission 0.6% per transaction (Min: KRW24,000)
Consumption Tax 0.3% of trade value (Only applied on Sell Side)
Securities Trading Services (Malaysia) (RM)
Item Charge
Commission 0.3% per transaction (Min: RM100)
Stamp duty 0.1% of trade value (Max: RM200)
Clearing Fee 0.03% of trade value (Max: RM1,000)
Securities Trading Services (Singapore) (SGD、US Dollar、HK Dollar)
Item Charge
Commission 0.3% per transaction (Min: SGD40 / USD30 / HKD250)
Clearing Fee 0.04% of trade value (Max: SGD600)
SGX action charges 0.0075% of trade value

Debt Securities

Item Charge
Trading Fee Vary among different debt securities, please contact Dealing Dept. for details
Custody Fee 0.002% of month-end market value, charged on monthly basis
Transfer In 20 USD per transaction
Transfer Out 50 USD per transaction
Bond Redemption / Early Redemption 30 USD per transaction
Bond Conversion 50 USD per transaction
Coupon Handling Fee 30 USD per transaction



***The charges above are for reference only; charges are subject to change by the Company at any time without prior notice. Please contact our Customer Services hotline(852)2823-0388 if you have any enquiries.