Close Early on 3rd July , 2024 and 4th July, 2024 Notice of US holiday- Independence Day

Dear Customer:

Independence Day is approaching, the U.S. stock market trading hours until 1:00pm (US time) on 3rd July, 2024 (Wednesday). It will be closed whole day on 4th July, 2024 (Thursday) and resumed for trading on (US time) 5th July, 2024 (Friday). Please make arrangements for transactions and funds in advance.

1st July, 2024 Notice of HK holiday – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

HK stock market is closed on 1st July, 2024 (Monday) due to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

Also, The North-bound trading of Shenzhen/ Shanghai Connect will be closed on 1st July, 2024 (Monday)

HK stock market will be resumed trading on 2nd July, 2024 (Tuesday)

Notice: Amendments to the Policy in respect of U.S. equity market trading

Dear Valued Clients,

Effective immediately, Changjiang Securities Brokerage (HK) Limited will no longer accept any buy or depository orders of any U.S. securities with a previous closing price under US$ 0.50 AND a market capitalization under US$ 50 million.

If you have already held such U.S. securities in your investment account(s) maintained with us, you can only place sell order for such U.S. securities.